M-SUN is the professional manufacturer of plastic printing film and packing bag.  We produce series of high quality BOPP header-bag and laminated bags with CPP or aluminized materials; PVC, PET, and POF shrinking labels; heat-transfer film and some other soft printing products. Our bags are widely used in various sectors of the product packaging. Production equipments include 10-colour set of high-speed digital computer printing machines, 8-color printing machines, high speed laminating machine, sealing machines, side-sealing machines, middle-sealing machines, folding machines, cutting machines.

Spacious plant with four floors: the printing and laminating plant in the first floor. The second floor is used for the workshop of cutting and folding bags.  The third floor is used for the workshop of seized goods.  The fourth floor is our administration office.  Our factory is located in an extremely convenient traffic and beautiful environment of the national DAPINGZHANG forest park.

Our products include:
1. OPP header-bags, multi-layer laminated food bags, vacuum nylon-bags, aluminized bags, anti-static bags, mask bags, wet-wipe bags, lingerie bags, bags for health products, etc..
2. All kinds of heat-transfer printing film (EVA, ABS, PP, PS, timber, etc.).
3. Colorful shrinking labels (PVC, PET, POF, OPS).
4. Candy wrappers and colorful film in roll.

We are serving the prestigious brands:
Coca-cola, PEPSI, Disney, SUNTORY, Lipton, Ito Park, SAPPORO, KIOSK, LAWSON, Asahi ,7-ELEVEN, JT, LION, TOMY, KΛGOME, GEORGIA, Ito Park, Regain, Wal-Mart, Nike, Adidas, Lisa Frank , Asahi and so on

We do try our best to provide you with excellent services and prompt quotations of products. If you would like to request samples or products information, kindly please contact us or log on our website:
Looking forward to cooperating with you for fruitful projects!